Free test. Free cure.

Get tested for hepatitis C. It could save your life.

Order free online

After you place your order, we will review your details. In some cases we may contact you to confirm a few details before we send the kit.

Quick, discreet delivery

We’ll send your order by post with a prepaid box to return your sample.

Results and support by text

Our expert clinicians are available to advise and support you by text message, phone or email.

This service offers hepatitis C testing for anyone aged 18 and over who lives in Ireland.

  1. You can answer some questions to find out if you have been at risk of hepatitis C infection.

  2. We give you a testing recommendation based on your answers.

  3. You decide if you want to order a test.

Testing is free. If you are diagnosed with hepatitis C, treatment is free too.

How the service works